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An Electric Railway Actuated by Accumulators

The Italian Ironclad Dandolo

New Improvements in Electric Piles

Electric Pile for Laboratories and Apartments

Electric Apparatus at the Belgian Exhibition

Electrical Accumulators, or Secondary Batteries

By Oliver J. Lodge

Tatham's Improved Dynamometer

The Specific Heat of Steam

Regnault's Determination of the Specific Heat of Steam *

By J. MacFarlane Gray

The Rothe Sand Lighthouse at the Mouth of the Weser

The Lauer System of Submarine Blasting

Monolithic Churches in Abyssinia

Dining-Room Furniture

A Review of the Progress Made in Pure Chemistry During the First Three Months of 1882

Examinations of Various Articles Carried out by Students in the Chemical Laboratory of Rutgers College, and the New Jersey State Scientific School, Under the Direction of Prof. Peter T. Austen, Ph.D., F.C.S.

An Examination of Vinegars

By Franklin Marsh

Analysis of Explosives that Contain Nitroglycerine

By F. Hess

Apparatus for the Estimation of Sulphur in Spent Oxide

By H. Leicester Greville

Liquefaction of Ozone


Formulas for Proprietary Medicines

Practical Notes

By R. F. Fairthorne


Hints and Suggestions for Raising Cinchona Plants

Olearia Gunniana

A New Study of Glaciers and Icebergs

Danish Exploration of the Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland


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