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Bombardment and Burning of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria

The Bombardment of Alexandria Alleged to be Heard 1,000 Miles

The Suez Canal

The Khedive'a Palace, Alendria

The Great Square, Alexandria

Improved Sponge Filter

The Jeannette Expedition.—A Correction

Improved Winding Gear for Mines

A Forgotten Evolutionist

Logging in California

Population of the Earth

Telephonic Indicator of the Torsion and the Speed of Revolution of the Moving Axle of Machines

By M. C. Resio

Roman Honors to Garibaldi

The Attitudes of Animals in Motion

By Muybridge

Plener's Improvements in Methods of Treating Emulsion

The Manufacture of the Coal-Tar Dyes

Preparation of Nitrobenzol and Aniline

On the Spectrum of Carbon

By G. D. Liveing and J. Dewar

The Deodorization of Impure Spirits by Electrolysis

By Naudin and Schneider

Notes on the Determination of Phosphoric Acid

By Carl Mohr

Separation of Gallium

By M. Lecoq De Boisbaudran

A New Reagent for Nitrous Acid

By A. Jorissen

The Rosaniline Question

By A. Pabst

Separation of Nickel

By A. Jorissen

Nitric Acid in Soils

Crystalline Zirconia

By A. M. Levy and L. Bourgeois

Action of Sulphureted Hydrogen

By M. H. Baubigny

Bread Analysis in Massachusetts

Synthesis of Various Organic Compounds

Proteine Matters for Prying

Process for Printing Anilin

Fermentation of the Proteic Matters

By A. Gautier and A. Etard

Effects Produced in a Vacuum by the Current of Gramme Machines

By MM. Jamin and G. Maneuvrier


By C. Lewis Diehl

The Birth of an Elephant

By Gustavus E. Sussdorff

Facts and Fancy Concerning Comets

By E. L. Larkin

Natural Champagne


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