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Memorial Church, St. Petersburg

Plowing in Egypt

The Panama Canal

By Manuel Eissler

Recent Progress in Agricultural Science

By H. P. Armsby


By J. R. Royle

Mr. Jay Gould's Residence on the Hudson

White Cedar

Pieris Japonica

A Lignified Snake from Brazil

The Wild Boar and its Young

Career of a Man-Eating Tigress

Artificial Propagation of Oysters

A New Hygrometer

The Microscope, and some of its Recent Revelations

By John Rogers

Determination of Zinc in Ores

By A. Millot

Instrument for Tracing Curves by Points

The Recovery of Sulphur from Alkali Waste (Schaffner and Helbig's Process: A Record of Recent Results

By Alexander M. Chance

Distinctions Between Organisms and Minerals

The Electrolytic Company, London

Applications of Electricity to Railway Trains

The “Sun” Electric Lamp

A Vibrating-Bell Telephone Signal

An Experimental Research on Tuberculosis

How Seal-Skins are Dressed

The Differential Staining of Nucleated Blood Corpuscles

By Allen Y. Moore


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