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Reduction of Photographic Wastes

By W. L. Shoemaker

Science of the Horse's Motion

On the Condition and Characteristics of some of the Native Tribes of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories

By John Rae

Man and Nature in Northern Alaska

The Panama Canal

By Manuel Eissler M.E.

Improved Silk Reel

Automatic Boiler Feeder and Condensofeed Water Heater

Fromentin' System

Battery and Copper Plate Amalgamation

By R. H. Richards

The Baudot Multiplex Printing Telegraph

Microscopes and Microscopy

By Royston-Pigott

On a New Form of the Aperiodic Galvanometer

By Marcel Deprez

Secondary Batteries

On the Care of the Insane

On Smell

By William Ramsay

General Hints to the Dispenser

Our Drinking Water

By N. B. Sizer

Cold Cream

Pressure Apparatus for Raising Beer

Absorption of Gases by Platinum

By M. Berthelot

Some Experiments with Different Qualities of Illuminating Gas used in an “Otto” Gas Engine

By Charles Hunt

Determination of Salicylic Acid

By MM. Pellet and De Grobert


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