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The New Hotel De Ville of the City of Paris

The Panama Canal

By Manuel Eisslebr

The Suez Canal

Dovetailing and Moulding Machine

The Suspension of Carriage and Car Seats

Twelve-Wheeled Freight Locomotive for the Lehigh Valley Railroad

The St. Paul Roller Mill

Expansion of Iron Embedded in Brickwork

Phenomena of Induction

Reaction Current of the Electric Arc

By M. Jamin and G. Maneuvrier

Cheap Microphone for Domestic Uses

Electrical Exposing Shutter

Hydrocyanic ACID

By C. Brame


A Blind Man's Vision

On The Magnetic “After-Effect”

By Felix Auerbach

Coating Sensitive Plates

By C. F. Mcwilliams

On the Condition and Characteristics of some of the Native Tribes of the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories

By John Rae

Thermometer Scales

Education in the United States

Thoughts on Chemical Affinity

By Charles Morris

Selwig and Lange's Improved Osmogene

Chemical Work Produced by the Battery

By D. Tommasi


Coryanthes Macrantha

Hydrogen Dioxide

On Plant Drying

By LEO. H. Grindon


Plants and their Homes


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