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By James M. Ludlow

The War in Egypt

The Rolling Stock of the St. Gothard Railway

By R. Abt

Ventilation for Ships

New Russian Torpedo Boat

The Pullman Sewerage

By Benezette Williams

The Ajax

Dujardin's Continuous Press for Beet Pulp

Syllwaschy's Air Blast for Sweeping Chimneys

House at Godden Green

Ornamental Turning

By J. H. Evans

A Practicable Selenium Photometer

Partz's System of Electric Lighting by Reflection

An Electric Battery of Flames

Clamond's Incandescent Gas Lamp

“On Singing Condensers”

By W. Holtz

The Harmony and Application of Natural Laws

By B. T. Giraud

The Every-Day Formulary.—the Gelatino-Bromide Process

A New Solar Microscope

British Association.—President's Address

On the Cause of the Blue Color of Sapphire, Lazulite, and Lapis-Lazuli; the Green of Emerald and the Purple of Amethyst

By W. A. Ross

Absorption of Metallic Oxides by Plants

The Aroma of Beer

Method for the Rapid Determination of the Densities of Gases

By C. Chancel

Brilliancy and Surface of Luminous Points

The Graphical Method as Applied to the Feet

The Resuscitation of the Drowned


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