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Egrot's Small Distilling Apparatus

Roads, Tunnels, Bridges, and Canals

The Horse ad his Fossil Ancestry

Dr. C. W. Siemens

Liquefied Ethylene

Artificial Forms of Silica

The Detection of Adulteration of Metallic Nickel by the Magnet

By Thomas T. P. Bruce Warren

The Application of the Spectropolariscope to Sugar Analysis

On the Liquefaction of Ozone

On Double Refraction in Glass and Sulphuret of Carbon Occasioned by Electric Influence

By H. Brongersma


By M. P. T. Cl*amp*egrave;ve

Chemical Composition of the Banana, at the Different Degrees of its Growth

By L. Ricciardi

Appearances of the Electric Arc in the Vapor of Carbon Disulphide

A New Form of Constant Pressure Injection Apparatus

Chenot's Atmospheric Rock Drill and Hammer

Hart's Cyclic Elevator

Production of Lead in 1881

Friction Matches and their Influence in Ignitions

Artesian Wells in Sahara

By P. De Tchihatchef

The New Channel Steamer Invicta

Narrow-Gauge Railways

How to make Paper Canes

The Atomic Weight of Uranium

Practical Method of Enlarging on Canvas

By G. H. Martyn

New Process for the Rapid Formation of Secondary Couples with Plates of Lead

Apparatus for Instantaneous Photography

The Western Union Telegraph Company

Directory and Staff

On Lightning Conductors

By M. Melsens

Electro-Metallurgic Process of MM. Blas and Miest

Deprez & Carpentier's Voltmeter and Amperemeter

An Experiment in Hydraulics

On the use of Certain Instruments in the Treatment of Skin Diseases

By George Henry Fox

M. A. D'Arsonval's Telephone, with Circular Magnetic Field

Sudatories at the Heiser Medical Gymnasium

Craters of the Moon

The Cyclone at Brownsville, Mo., April 18, 1882

By W. H. Williams

Fish Curing in New York

Garden Culture of Roses

The California Juniper

The Cannon-Ball Tree

Beer and Civilization

By Hans Vogel


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