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Electric Lighting by Batteries

Hand Dynamo Machines

The Electric Lighting of the Comptoir D'Escompte (Paris)

Telegraphing without Wires

On Electric Meters

By C. Vernon Boys

The Thickness of Wire Necessary to Carry Different Electric Currents without Overheating

By G. Forbes

Recent Progress in Telephony

By William Henry Preece

Wartmann's Rheolyzer

A Projecting Phenakisticope

Hydraulic Organs

The Forth Bridge

By B. Baker

Trial of a Folding Boat

Bazin's Submarine Excavator

On a New System of Hydraulic Propulsion

By J. H. Selwyn

The St. Gothard Tunnel

By S. H. M. Byers

Straw Lumber

House at Battle

Raising Gladioli from Seed

Formation of the Diamond

By A. B. Griffiths

Value of the Rye Plant

Soils and Root Formation

How to make Straw Roofs


Utilization of Blood

By P. Marguerite-Delacharlonny


By A. Christensen

A Simple Method of Recovering the Silver from Washed Emulsion

Modern Theories of Color


A Few Notes on the Larval State of the Pea-Weevil

By Thomas H. Hart

Destroying Insects under Glass

New Plastic Compound

By Edward Weston


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