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The Eira Arctic Expedition

On Feed-Water Injectors of Various Systems

The Panama Canal

By Manuel Eissler

The Sinking of the Hollandish Monitor Adder

William Stanley Jevons

Cloth Tracings

Varieties of Tanned and Tawed Leather, and their Uses

By W. A. Van Benthuysen

Professor F. M. Balfour

Electro-Magnetic Determination of the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

By M. Marcel Deprez

Electrical Incandescent Lamps Acting in the Open Air

By M. Emile Reynier

A Differential Electric Thermoscope

By W. F. Nosworthy

The Influence of Different Acids on Fermentation

Earth Tremors

The Animal Hide

By Carl Sadlon

Anthracene from Baku Petroleum

The Inner Constitution of Matter

On the Manufacture of Sugar from Maize

By R. H. Harland

A Bismuthic Hair Dye

By A. Naquet

Milk Sickness and the Volatile Metals

To the Editor of the Scientific American

Black Walnut Leaves as a Remedy in Scrofulous and Cachectic Affections

The Dimensions of the Visible Universe

By E. Catalan

Cosmical Bombardment of the Sun.—Theory of Cometary Impact on the Solar Surface.—The Velocity of Collision, and Heat Equivalent of Velocity

By Edgar L. Larkin

Entomology in the Central Park Museum of Natural History


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