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An Important Decision by the Commissioner of Patents

The British Sanitary Congress

Address of President Galton

The New Parliament Building, Berlin

Psychological Development in Children

The Racial Characteristics of Man

Eccentricity and Idiosyncrasy

By William A. Hammond

Pyorrhea Alveolaris

By J. M. Riggs

Laurent & Collot's Automatic Injection Pump

Hydraulic Filtering Press for Treating Oleaginous Seeds

Sulphur as a Preservative against Marsh Fever

Improved Dredger

Before it Happened

History of the Fire Extinguisher

Railways of Europe and America

How to Tow a Boat

The Ader Relay

The Platinum Water Pyrometer

By J. C. Hoadley

How Marbles are Made

Locomotive Painting

By John S. Atwater

“Crackle” Glass

A New Method of Preparing Photographic Gelatine Emulsion by Precipitation of the Bromide of Silver

By Franz Stolze

Drawing-Room Photography

Taylor's Freezing Microtome

Vincent's Chloride of Methyl Ice Machine

Carbonic Acid in the Air

By M. Dumas

The Influence of Aqueous Vapor on the Explosion of Carbonic Oxide and Oxygen

By Harold B. Dixon

Ligustrum Quihoui

Raphiolepis Japonica

Composition of Beers Made Partly from Raw Grain

Rivina Lævis

Double Buttercups

Apples in Store

On Determining the Sun's Distance by a New Method

By T. S. H. Eytinge

Professor Haeckel on Darwin


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