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Rural Views of Patents and Patent Rights

Suppression of the Dead Center in Crank Shafts

Improved Transmitting Gear for Variable Velocities

Gas Burners

By William Sugg

Martin & Du Tremblay's Vacuum Brake

A New Mining Tunnel

Country House, Costing $1,750 to $2,000

By C. R. Crabb

The New German Hospital, San Francisco, Cal

Magic Photographs Developed by Tobacco Smoke

Spontaneous Galvanization

How to Remove Old Paint

Roller Frame for Photographic Printing

Spices of the Straits Settlements

The Petroleum Wells of Transcaucasia


By P. L. Simmonds

Union of the Three Americas by Telegraph

The Age of Electricity

By S. P. Thompson

Improved Induction Electrical Machine

Electric Compensator Applied to the Prony Brake

Electro-Magnetism as a Prime Mover

Venus nearing Transit

Public Health

New Test for Albumen

By WM. Roberts

Lighting by Benzine

Malt Cake

The Present Condition of Ephesus

The Ink-Bag of the Cephalopoda.


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