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Soaking Pits for Steel Ingots

On the successful rolling 01<' steel ingots with their own initialheat by means of the soaking pit process

By John Gjers

Tempering by Compression

Bunte's Burette for the Analysis of Furnace Gases

River Improvements Near St. Louis

Economical Steam Power

By William Barnet Le Van

The “Universal” Gas Engine

Gas Furnace for Baking Refractory Products

The Efficiency of Fans

Machine for Compressing Coal Refuse into Fuel

Hank Sizing and Wringing Machine

Improved Coke Breaker

A Characteristic Mining “Rush.”—The Prospective Mining Center of Southern New Mexico

The Soy Bean

On a New Arc Electric Lamp

By W. H. Preece

Improvement in Printing Machinery

Apparatus for Obtaining Pure Water for Photographic Use

Black Phosphorus

By P. Thenard

Composition of Steep Water

The Food and Energy of Man

By De Chaumont

Soap and its Manufacture, from a Consumer's Point of View

Schreiber's Apparatus for Revivifying Bone–Black

Cotton Seed Oil

By S. S. Bradford


The Chinese Sign Manual

Rattlesnake Poison

By Henry H. Croft

On Some Apparatus that Permit of Entering Flames

The Building Stone Supply

A Farmer's Lime Kiln

The Manufacture of Apple Jelly

An Industrial Revolution

How to Establish a True Meridian

By L. M. Haupt

Utilization of Solar Heat

Improved Grape Bags

The Maidenhair Tree

The Ocellated Pheasant

The Woods of America


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