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The Plagioscope

A Country Residence

A New Mexican Ranch

Gigantic Florida Enterprises

The Late Dr. D. Van Monckhoven

American Cheese in England

Aerial Navigation

Improved Life Boat

Argand Lamps

Iron-Clads in Battle

German Railway Signals

Fireless Locomotives for Tramways

By G. Lentz

Recent Telephone Experiments in Paris

Automatically Closing Ventilating Chamber for Coal Mines

De Meritens's New Machines

How Clay Pipes are Made

Hunting by the Electric Light

Sabine's Electric Apparatus

Corundum-Its Varieties and Uses

On Coal Tar

By S. A. Sadler

The World's Production of Precious Metals.—The Work of the Mint

The Ash and its Varieties

Poisonous Leaves

Microchemical Reactions

By A. Tschidrch

Testing the Commercial Value of Carbolic Acid

By O. Bach

Nevada Fossils

Cultivated Species of Inula

Animal Intelligence

The Plateau of Mid-Asia

Chief Deities in American Religion

A Large Mastodon's Skeleton


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