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The Transatlantic Company's New Steamer La Normandie

Southwestern Virginia

By James Hogg

Derailment of a Railway Train at Hug-Stetten, Near Fribourg

Hydraulic Machinery

By Perry

Cave's Brewing Appliances

Coffee Tavern and Hostelry

The Manufacture of Window Glass

Farcot's Compound Vertical Engine

Substitutes for Ground Glass

Photographic Paint for Machinery

The Application of Electricity to Ships' Logs

Improved Method of Photo Engraving

Silver Iodide in Photographic Gelatine Emulsion

Simple Method of Mixing Solutions for Alkaline Pyrogallic Development of Gelatine Plates

By J. Kay

On the Action of the Microphone

By James Blyth

Original Discovery of the Dipping Needle

Gum Arabic in Chemical Reactions

By MM. Jules Lefort and P. Thibault

The Aim of Instruction in Technical Chemistry

By Watson Smith

Dr. G. W. Septimus Piesse, Ph.D

Artificial Production of Witherite, Strontianite, and Calcite

Acroclinium Roseum

Alpine or Four Season Strawberry


The Lentil

The Pea Nut

Human Foot Prints Found in Solid Rock

Analyses of Food


New Anti-Fat Remedy

By G. Holmes


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    Patents - January 6, 1883

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