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The Kinzua Viaduct

A French Dynamometric Car

Setting Slope Stakes

The Plant of the Wood River Smelting Company

Welker's Percussion Rock-Drill

Model Millstone Dress

Sanitary Appliances for Dwellings

Houses of the Fifteenth Century at Chartres

Clip for tentering Machines

City of London New School

The Desk Knapsack

On the Draught of Chimneys

The Treatment of Ready Sensitized Photograph Paper

New Sunshine Recorder

Static Electricity into Voltaic Currents

Prior Invention of the Rheolyzer.—A Note from Professor fleischl

On Coating Gelatine Plates

On Magneto-Electric and Dynamo-Electric Machines

By J. Angelo Fahie

The Elphinstone-Vincent Dynamo Electric Machine

Commercial Albumen

By Alfred H. Allen

Abakanowicz's Totalizing Integrator

Improved Electric Bell and Battery

Forced Feeding in Phthisis

A Bismuthic Hair-Dye

By A. Naquet

Treatment of Diphtheria

Physical Exercise

Medical Properties of the Potato Bug

(Dory phora decemlinea ta.)

By John D. Forbes

Garden Pests

The Kola Nut Tree

By Thomas Christy

Japanese Soils—A Natural Cement

By O. Korschelt

Unwritten History, and how to Read it

By John Evans


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January 27, 1883

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