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M. De Brazza's Explorations in Equatorial Africa

The Utilization of Waste

By P. L. Simmonds

Savorgnan De Brazza

English and American Locomotives

The Commercial Museum of Brussels

Launch of a Channel Steamer

The Screw Propeller

On the Limiting Numbers of Teeth for Spur Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

Chemigraphic Engraving


Specification of Organ at Temple Church, London

English Ideas of American Architecture

Pictures in Glass

Das Telephon

Messrs. D'Arsonval and Bert's Micro-Telephone Apparatus

Electromotive Force

The Electric Arc in Vapor of Sulphuret of Carbon

Small Incandescent Lamps

Secondary Battery

Photometric Measurements

Approximative Photometric Measurements of Sun Moon, Cloudy Sky, and Electric and Other Artificial Lights

By William Thomson

Apparent Radiation of Cold

Surface Temperatures in Paris

Production of Low Temperatures

Plagues and Pestilences

Patent (Concentrated) Essential Oils

Asparagus on the French System

Notes on Asparagus

Broad Beans

Coating Pills with Gelatine

By Clay W. Holmes

New Mineral Localities

By R. T. Cross

Orange Tree Scale


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February 03, 1883