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Theories regarding Polar Auroras

Photographing the Solar Corona without an Eclipse

By William Huggins

Improved Ball Valve

Apparatus for Regulating Pressure in Water Conduits

Protecting Iron and Steel from Oxidation or Rust

The “Cascade” Saturator

Improved Dynamometer

Superheated Steam

To the Editor of the Scientific American

The Cursometer

Aerial Navigation

By F. Barnett

The Sinking of the Austral

The Tunnel between France and England

The Decay of Building Stones

Recent Fires and their Lessons

Gregynog Hall, Montgomeryshire

New Telegraph Sounders

On Teaching Organic Chemistry

By Edward J. Hallock

Straw Plaiting and Weaving in Tuscany

Electricity the Propelling Power of the Universe

Flexible Tissue for Dark Room Windows

The Chemical Theory of Gunpowder

Zinc on Sulphur

Testing for Iodoform, Naphthol, and Chloroform in Animal Substances

The Antiseptic Properties of Carbonic Acid

The Removal of Fixed Glass Stoppers

Unconscious Brain-Work

Pasteur on Hydrophobia

Naphthalin as a Wound-Dressing

By G. R. Fowler

Sassafras in Rhus Poisoning

The Brain-Weight of Gambetta

The Three-Headed Woman

Speech in Animals

The Winter Sleep of Animals

The Fisheries of Japan

The Lignified Snake of Brazil

California Quicksilver

Large-Rooted Chiccory

A Graceful Trailer

Notes on Acclimation of the Bamboo, Yak, Etc., in the United States


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