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The Morris Canal and its Inclined Planes

By Herbert M. Wilson

Hydraulic Machinery

By Perry

Recent Important Engineering Works

By James Brunlees

Morris' Bleaching Apparatus

New Process of Greening Canned Vegetables

Matthey's Horograph for Schools

Enlargements on Gelatine Plates

The Woodlands, Gildersome, near Leeds

Long-Distance Telephony and Bennett's Telephonic Translators

Reversed Negatives by Contact Printing

Manufacture of Photo. Plates

Photographing Machinery

The Magnetic Music Teacher


On the Thermic Phenomena of the Induction Spark

By A. Naccari

The Chemistry of Hops

By R. L. Simmons

Analyses of Australian Guano

By A. B. Griffiths

Indelible Stamping' Ink

Rupert's Drops

By I. Taylor

Schorm's Extractor

Cancer and Alluvial Soil

Lead Poisoning in Dressmakers

Where the Rat is Welcomed

The Poultry and Egg Trade of Europe and the United States

Iodoform in Diphtheria

Progress of Life on the Earth

A Festival Eighty Years Ago

Oil on Troubled Waters

Vitality of Insects in Gases

Remains of Extinct Mammalia found in London

Ancient Bird Tracks

Lilies and their Culture


Effect of Air on Seeds

A Trial of Tomatoes


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