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Shipwreck of the Transatlantic Steamer Picardie

The Growth of Barge Transportation on the Great Lakes

Boiler Explosions

Improved Grain Warehousing Machinery

Pumping Station—Boston Improved Sewerage

A Subterranean Electric Railway

Influence of the Electric Light on the Development of Plants

By P. P. D*amp*eacute;h*amp*eacute;rain

The Reaction Current of the Electric Arc

By Jamin and G. Maneuvrier

The Electric Light Speculations

On the Action of the Microphone

By James Blyth

Husbands' Telephonic Apparatus

Heating by Gas

By H. H. Edgerton

A New Material for Casts and Models

Apparatus for Carbonizing or Extracting Woolen Rags

The Art of Horseshoeing: Its Earliest History and Principles

By Maurice Keil

Preparation of Gold Leaf and Gilt Wire

Caffeic Acid from Cuprea Bark

By G. Korner

Explosive Alloys

By H. Sainte-Claire Deville and H. Debray

Monroy's Liquid Measure


By James H. Salisbury

Three Inches of a Steel Blade in the Brain and no Serious Results Following

By J. S. Beckwith

Filaria Disease

Getting Early Potatoes Early

Silos and Ensilage

Home-Made Fertilizers

Conservation of Old and Remarkable Trees

White Irish Heath

Memiesia Polifolia alba

The Eucalyptus Tree

The Transit of Venus as Seen by Prof. Newcomb

The Transit of Venus in Cuba

The Origin of Crystalline Iron Ores

By J. S. Newberry

The Giant Zonura

The Stone Age in Oregon

Franz-Josef Land

Mysterious Wells

Forest Fires

Magic Portraits



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