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Decisions Relating to Patents

The Late Richard Wagner

John Harrison, the Chronometer Maker

By Samuel Smiles

The Late Dr. Henry Draper

Richard's Registering Apparatus

Crampton's Hydraulic Tunneling Machine

Painting the New York and Brooklyn Suspension Bridge

Primer for Pumps

The Origin of Wind-Mills

Water Gas as Fuel

Mechanical Vibrations and Magnetism

The Pentane Photometer

The Photometry of the Sun and Other Intense Lights

Heat, Light, and Electricity; Are they Expressions of the Same Force?

By Elisha Gray

Duplex Mule Spindle

How Nature Sweetens our Fruits

Truxler's New Carding Machine

Amorphous Paraffin

Apparatus for Illustrating the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid

By Alfred Senier

Properties of Nitro-Glycerine

Prussic Acid in the Juice of Cassava Root

Synthesis of Uric Acid

Benzoic and Boric Acids in Milk

By E. Meiss


By James H. Salisbury

Said I to Myself

Statistics of Beer Consumption

A Land Sink

A Study of the Movement of Sand

“Schooled, but not Educated”

Astronomy for 1883

Rattlesnake Poison

By H. H. Croft


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