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Mosquitoes vs. Malaria

Proposed New Lighthouse at the Mouth of the Weser

Turbines for Small Industries

Improved Running Gear for Cars

A New Fan

Automatic Indicator for Signaling the Passage of Trains

Project of a Tunnel Under the Elba, Near Hamburg

Bull's Iron and Steel Direct Process

Improved Incubator

New Form for Boats

The Wordsworth Gas Engine

Thirty-Foot Hand Derrick

By T. Appleton

James Nasmyth

Richard Trevithick

Grunow's New Camera Lucida

New Grammar School at Heath, Near Halifax

On the Aurora Borealis

Electric Illumination by Reflection

Oxygen Gas from Potassium Chlorate

By A. Wagner

A New Telephone Receiver

Asbestos Filters

By P. Casamajor

Perfect Interference of Sound by Telephone

Glycerine; its Preparation and Uses in the Arts

By A. Berghaus

Fluoric Acid

The Flowers Used in Perfumery

By W. A. Wrenn

The Products of the Distillation of Resin

The Curability of Typhoid Fever in the Prodromal Stage

Curious Vehicles of Locomotion

Music in Japan


Natural Sugaring


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