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The Indus Railway Bridge

Vibrations in Bridges

Foot-Bridge at La Villette

New York Terminus, N. Y., W. S. & B. R

Grain Elevators

Seibel's Coke Furnace

A New Ore Separator

Harrow for Breaking up the Surface of Macadamized Roads

Megy's Compressed Air Whim

The Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi, Venice

Color in Architecture

By George Aitchison

Thorough Washing and Effectual Fixation of Gelatine Negatives

An Electric Alarm

Hopkinson's Current Meter

The Electrolytic Balance of Chemical Corrosion

Desruelles's Galvanometric Trial-Bell

Nitric and Chromic Acid Batteries

Nitric Acid.

By John T. Sprague

A New Experiment in Electrolysis

Apparatus for Boiling Gold Assays

By W. F. Lowe

Ice under Low Pressures

Conversion of Alizarine Blue into a Soluble State


Prize Essay Of The Albany Medical College Alumni Association, Feb, 1882. IV.

By James H. Salisbury

Alcohol in Health

By C. Barlow

Cephalic Auscultation in Mental Disease

Captain Eyre Massey Shaw, C.B

Professor Huxley on Education

The Swiss Watch Trade

New Weights and Measures in Turkey

The Chrysanthemum and is Culture


Manuring Potatoes with Potassium Nitrate

By Edler


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