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Blasting Work in the Danube

The Origin of the Steam Engine

Hydraulic Machine Tools

New Rig for Steamers

Say 368 feet over all, to have four iron or steel masts

By R. B Forbes

Marot's Improved Grain-Separating Machines

De Redon's Round Electric Bell

Ulmann's Waste Water Absorber

Intermittent Flushing Apparatus

Influence of a Vacuum on Electricity


Electricity on Tramways

Electricity in Gold Mining

The Applications of Electricity

Note on Terrestrial Radiation

By John Tyndall

Enamel Photography


Methods of Intensifying and Reducing Gelatine Plates

By E. H. Farmer

Soda in Milk

By W. Bachmeyer

Photo Printing and Photo Plates

On Bisulphide of Carbon

By L. H. Friedburg


Prize Essay of the Albany Medical College Alumni Association, Feb., 1882. V.

By James H. Salisbury

Yellowstone National Park Geyser Waters

By Henry Leffmann

On Hæmatoxyleine and Hæmateine

By E. Erdmann and G. Schultz

Cairene Meshrebiyehs and Egyptian Tapestry

Rescue from Heard island, Near Kerguelen

Science against Darkness

Garden Destroyers

(vespa crabro and v: vulgaris)

By Hornets and Wasps

Side Show Science

Curious Facts about Animals

Whale Skeleton From Gravel on the Line of the Canada Pacific Railway, Near Smith's Falls, Ontario

By J. W. Dawson

The Tendons of Whales

Recent Exploration of the Volcanic Phenomena of the Hawaiian Islands

By C. E. Dutton



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April 28, 1883

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism