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Lion's Head Taken by Instantaneous Photography

Repugnatorial Pores in the Lysiopetalidæ

The Snake Bird

Poison of Scorpions

Railroad Cars as a Means of Disseminating Moths

Malacosteus Niger, Ayres

By W. O. Aykes

On the Physical Conditions Under Which Coal was Formed

By J. S. Newberry

The Home of the Paille-En-Queue, or Tropic Bird

The Pitch Lake of Trinidad

By John Fowlerw

The Sweet Gum Tree

By Lawrence C. Joiinson

The Great Comet of 1882 as Seen in India

California Bee Ranches

The Manchester Ship Canal

A Pullman Train from Calais to Rome

The Electric Distribution of Power

By Bradley A. Fiske

New Telephone Transmitters

The Action of the Microphone

By A. Stroh

Electric Street Passenger Car

Helouis' Carbo-Oxyhydric Burner

General Characteristics of Clays

Woodman's Cottage, Madresfield

How I Develop Gelatine Emulsion Negatives

By Henry J. Newton

Carbon Transparencies for the Lantern

About Stoneware

Application of Sulphocyanide Compounds in Calico Printing

Astigmatism and Ophthalmometry


Prize Essay of the Albany Medical College Alumni Association, Feb., 1882

By James H. Salisbury

New Coloring Matter

Remedies for Headache



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