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The Raphael Celebration at Rome

The Great International Fisheries Exhibition

The Pantheon at Rome

Puppet Shows among the Greeks

Pictet's High Speed Boat

Torpedo Boats

Initial Stability Indicator for Ships

On the Luminosity of Flame

Scrivanow's Chloride of Silver Pile

A Quick Way to Ascertain the Focus of a Lens

The History of the Pianoforte

By A. J. Hipkins


Prize Essay of the Albany Medical College Alumni Association, Feb., 1882

By James H. Salisbury

Tubercle Bacilli in Sputa

The Poisonous Properties of Nitrate of Silver, and a Recent Case of Poisoning with the Same

By Henry A. Mott

A Note on Sap

By Attfield

Panax Victorle

New Bleaching Process, with Regeneration of the Baths Used

By Bonneviile

Canned Meats

By P. Carles


Detection of Magenta, Archil, and Cudbear in Wine

The Crow

The Praying Mantis and its Allies



The Color of Water


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    May 19, 1883

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism