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House at Reigate

The Steamer Violet

House at Sevenoaks

Manufacture of Lead-Cased Electric Conductors

The Electric Lighting of the Paris Sewers

The Magnetic Station of the St. Maur Park Observatory

Portland Cement: Its Manufacture and Uses

By Reginald E. Middleton

A New Method of Solar Photography

Acetate of Soda and its Latest Uses

The Manufacture of Magnesia

On the Liquefaction of Oxygen and Nitrogen, and the Solidification of Sulphide of Carbon and Alcohol

By S. Wroblewski and K. Olszewski

Measurements of the Wave Lengths of Rays of High Refrangibility in the Spectra of Elementary Substances

By W. N. Hartley and W. E. Adeney

How to Remove Bichromate Stains from the Hands

Fermentation of Cellulose

Colored Green Coffee

On Brain-Work and Hand-Work

By R. M. N.

Petroleum and its Products

On Insensibility Arising from a Deficiency of Oxygen in the Air

By William Wallace

The Rights of the Insane

By C. H. Hughes


Louis Maiche

The Calcutta Exhibition

The Vineyards of California

The Evolution of the American Trotting Horse

By William H. Brewer

A New Lumbricus

Settling Swallows

Culture of Small Fruits

Juniperus Recurva

Wild Horses in London

New Building for the Victoria Regia in the Berlin Botanical Garden

Annual Report of the State Geologist of New Jersey


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May 26, 1883

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