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Farcot's Improved Woolf Compound Engine

Iron and Steel

Boring a Oil Well

How the Hole was Made and the Oil Brought up

The “Swallow” a New Vehicle


Machine for Grinding Lithographic Inks and Colors

A New Evaporating Apparatus

A Cement Reservoir

The Portrush Electric Railway, Ireland

By Edward Hopkinson

The Thomson-Houston Electric Lighting System

A Modification of the Vibrating Bell

Photo Plates—Wet and Dry

Intensifier for Wet Plates

By Major Waterhouse

Gelatino Bromide Emulsion with Bromide of Zinc

Acetate of Lime

William Spottiswoode

The Removal of Ammonia from Crude Gas

Design for a Villa

Carbonic Acid and Bisulphide of Carbon

By John Tyndall

The Hair, its use and its Care

By John V. Shoemaker

Reconversion of Nitro-Glycerin into Glycerin

By C. L. Bloxam

The Influence of Effective Breathing in Delaying the Physical Changes Incident to the Decline of Life, and in the Prevention of Pneumonia, Consumption, and Diseases of Women

By David Wark

Vital Discoveries in Obstructed Air and Ventilation

Physics without Apparatus

The Travels of the Sun

The Recent Eruption of Etna

Propagation of Maple Trees

Dioscorea Retusa

The Red Spider

Ravages of a Rare Scolytid Beetle in the Sugar Maples of Northeastern New York

The Heloderma Horridum


Japanese Peppermint

The Kangaroo


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    June 09, 1883