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Chippendale Furniture

Progress of the Panama Canal

The Fire-Proof Towns of the River Plate

Rectory Near Reading

Vibrations in Bridges, Etc.

The Monongahela Suspension Bridge at Pittsburgh, Pa

By Col. S. M. Wickersham

The Watson Plan of Grain Elevator

Apparatus for Extracting Logwood

Swift Ocean Steamships

Sewage and Sewerage

Antiseptic Substances

The Sands Gun Camera

Stretching Machine for Ribbons and Tapes

Microphonic Contacts

By Stroh

Solenoid Galvanometer or Ampere-Meter

Marcel Deprez

Reis' Telephone

Angular Motion in Wind Storms

By James Hogg

Bourdon's Continuous Circulator

Anthracene from Petroleum Residue

Separation of Nickel from Cobalt

By G. Vortmann

Perception of Colors in Darkness

Oxalic Acid

Determination of Lead from its Ore by Electrolysis

By Ad. Sommer

A Recent Ascent of Popocatepetl

Suture-Clamp Coaptation

A New Method for Closing Wounds

By J. H. Cipperly

Corn Silk Pharmaceutical Preparations

By George W. Kennedy

Double Identity after Trepanning

By J. N. McCormack

Scientific Exhibitions

Magic Cabinets

Large Sale of Mississippi Lands

The Nose-Ape

Model of the Giant Octopus of the West Coast of America

The Genus Phenacodus

English and American Advertising

The Mines of Old Mexico

The New Metal—Zircon


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    June 16, 1883

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