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Decisions Relating to Patents

McEvoy's Torpedo System

The Cause of Evident Magnetism in Iron, Steel, and other Magnetic Metals

By D. E. Hughes

Simulation of Electric Phenomena by Liquid or Gaseous Currents

Luminosity of Magnets

By J. T. Sprague

The Insulite Sealed Battery

Improved Electric underground System

English Progress in Iron Making

Improved Folding Fire Escape

Resistance of Glass

Improvement in the Manufacture of Elastic Rubber Fabrics

Farcot's Ventilating Air Compressor

Woodbury Reliefs

Photography Applied to Meteorology at Kew Observatory

Turkey Red

Glycerine: Its Manufacture and uses in the Arts

By A. Berghaus

Extirpation of Field Mice

By Joseph and Crampe

Cereal Foods from what we Eat and what we Drink

By A. T. Cuzner

Changes in the Milk Secretion under the Influence of Medicines

By Stumpf

Are Boracic Acid and the Borates Poisonous?

“Muscle vs. Brain”

Northern Limits of the Principal Forest Trees of Canada, East of the Rocky Mountains

Potash for Barren Fruit Trees

Pitcher Plants

By Joseph F. James

Life—History of the Liver—Fluke

True Time taken at Kansas City by Regular Stellar Observations

By W. W. Alexander

Collection of Shoes at the Museum of Cluny, Paris

Scientific Shows

The isolated bust



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