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Swinging the Garabit Bridge into Position

Forbes' Rigs for War-Ships, as Presented to the Boston Branch of the Naval Institute

The use of Coal Gas as a means of Ventilation

By Norton H. Humphrys

A Paper Steam Launch

Rolling Mill Engines

Sheraton Furniture

Sketches of Furniture from the Furniture Exhibition

Sketches from the Furniture Exhibition, London

Projecting Lanterns

By C. H. Stowell

A Laboratory Filter Press for Retaining the Most Finely Divided Precipitates

By Jervis Eyre Foakes

Photomicrography without a Microscope or Microscopic Objective

Artificial Fuel

De Combettes's Rheostat

Photographic Action Studied Spectroscopically

Exhibition of Accumulators in the Halls of the Societe D'Encouragement, Paris

Deviations of the Compass

Electric Flannel

The Motions of Camphor upon Water and Mercury

The Cerebral Origin of Dental Decay

Cereal Foods from what we Eat and what we Drink

By A. T. Cuzner

India-Rubber or Caoutchouc


The Scientific American Supplement. Index for Vol. 15


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    June 30, 1883

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