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Improved Dynamo Machine

An Improved Manganese Battery

By George Leuchs

The Cause of Evident Magnetism in Iron, Steel, and other Magnetic Metals

By D. E. Hughes

The Westinghouse Brake

Hydraulic Elevators and Motors

By B. F. Jones

Water Supply of Small Towns

Improved Water Meter

Increasing the Illuminating Power of Gases, etc.

By V. Popp

Washing Machine for Wool

An Elastic Mass for Confectioners' Use

Photographic Action Studied Spectro-Scopically

Preventing Iron from Rusting


A Green or Golden Color for all Kinds of Brass

By E. Pulcher

Salt and Lime

Testing Olive Oil

By O. Bach

On the Theory of the Formation of Compound Ethers

Renewing Paint without Burning

On the Adulteration of Soap

By H. Brackebushch

The Preservation of Meat by Carbonic Acid

The Alizarine Industry


Reduction Of Oxidized Iron by Carbonic Oxide

Bovine and Human Milk: the Difference in its action and Composition

By C. Husson

Cereal Foods in their Relation to Health and Disease

By F. R. Campbell

Moist air in Living Rooms

The Developmental Significance of Human Physiognomy

By E. D. Cope

The Production of Fire

Scientific Progress in China and Japan

St. Blaise, the Winner of the Derby

Testing fish ova for Impregnation

Sponges at the Bahamas

The Diamond Fields of South Africa


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