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The Weston Dynamoelectric Machine

Electric Exhibition at Konigsberg

Hartley's “Universal” Photometer

The New York and Brooklyn Bridge

John A. Roebling, C.E

William Mason

The Late Dr. William Chambers

Abbe's Camera Lucida

A Practical Protection against Rust

Bunte's Apparatus for Determination of Furnace Gases

An Ammoniacal Liquor Test

Use of Liquefied Gases

The Purification of Feed-Water

Panclastic:A New Explosive

Ignition of Explosive Mixtures of Gases

Distillation and Sublimation in Vacuo

Sesquicarbonate of Potassium

A White Phosphorescent Sulphur Flame

Water Gas

The Insane Colony at Gheel

The Carbonic Acid in the Atmosphere

The Rational Dress Exhibition

“Pear Grit” as a Cause of Anal Irritation

By J. T. Rothrock

Children should Study Natural History

Deformities and Hermaphroditism in Crustaceans

By C. F. Gissler

Sun-Fish Shooting, Coast of Ireland

The Fuel of the Sun


By R. J. Mccarty

The Best Methods of Estimating the Foreign Constituents of Iron

The Zinc Mines of Sussex County, New Jersey

By Nelson H. Darton


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July 14, 1883

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