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Loads and Strains on Hoisting Ropes

Brick Manufacture

The McDonald Stone-Cutting Machine

Improved Ruling Machines

Speed Regulators for Turbines and Steam Motors

Bell & co.'s speed regulator

Steam and Pneumatic Hammers

Waste Cleaning Machine

Hugo Bilgram's Gearing for Metal Planers

New Method of Distributing Flames in Gas Furnaces

Steam Trawlers

Twin Screw Tug Boat for the Rhine

Hydraulic Fan Brake

Asphalt—Its Origin, Preparation, and Uses

Robert Griffiths

Asbestos and its Applications

Dictionary of Carriage Terms

Vinegar Making

Crucibles of Nickel

Synthesis of Organic Compounds

Sea Salt

By William Jago

Preparation of Phenetol

By H. Kolbe

Hair Restorers

Detection of Urea

By C. L. Bloxam

Pollution of the Wells of Mill Cottages

Uncommon Diseases in Peru and Bolivia

By Edwin R. Heath

Peptone in the Gastric Mucous Membrane

By F. Hofmeister

Algin: A New Substance Obtained from Some of the Commoner Species of Marine Algæ

By E. C. C. Stanford

Transplanting Trees in Japan

Edwardsia Grandiflora

Matte in Brazil

Curious Abyssinian Trees

Progress of Nickel Metallurgy

By William P. Blake


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