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Improved High-Speed Engine

The Lyman-Haskell Gun

Improved Locomotive and Tender

Improved Rotary Engine


By J. Woodley

The Engineering and Metal Trades Exhibition, London

Parker's screw machine.

Crystals from Slow Combustion of Ether

Resistance of Cotton to High Temperatures

Recovering Silver from Waste Gelatine Emulsion Plates or Paper

By J. Pike

Freezing Point of Acid Solutions

The Use of Butter, Milk, and Mammary Tissue in the Manufacture of Butterine

By C. Meymott Tidy and G. W. Wigner


By Charles Ehrmann

Chemical Composition of Some Food Animals

By John Bennet Lawes and Joseph Henry Gilbert

Ready Test for Sulphite of Soda

New Color Reactions of the Alkaloids

By B. Arnold

Common Defects in the Sanitary Arrangements of Houses, and their Remedies

Locusts as Food for Man

By David Alexander Lyle

The Origin of Atmospheric Electricity, and its Connection with the Electrical Occurrences Upon Our Globe

By L. Zehnder

A New Astral Photometer

Sir Edward Sabine

Military Ballooning


The Big Trees of California

Blanching Celery

Buckwheat—A Neglected Crop

Curved Diffraction Gratings

Manufacture of Fertilizers from Sewage

On Some Theoretical Considerations Connected with the Hardening and Tempering of Steel

By Chandler Roberts



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August 11, 1883

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