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Bollee's High-Speed Steam Carriage

New Testing Machine

The New Alcatraz Bell

Preventing the Cracking of Fire-Clay Retorts

Deep-Sea Soundings

Light Draught Stern Wheel Steamer

Loizeau's Rock Breaker for Making Masonry Sand

Improved Air-Warming and Cooling Appliances

Improved Tin can Machinery

The Tools of the Pyramid Builders

On the Function of the Sound-Post, and on the Proportional Thickness of the Strings of the Violin

By William Huggins

Improvement in the Bunsen Battery

Siemens' Theory of Solar Energy

Mascart's Registering Electrometer

Microscopic Tests of Shoddy

Water Gas in America, and How it is Made

By Albert P. Hallock

Beechwood Creosote

By H. Hager

Narcotics and Stimulants Used in Central Asia

A Hill of Trees

The Fixed Oils

By William Fox

Science in Ancient Times


Fur Seals


The Australian Duckbill

By G. A. Stockwell

On the Causes of Glacier Motion

By Walter R. Browne

Explosive Alloys of Zinc

Manufacture of Luminous Paper

Bismuth Bronze


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