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Monument to Christopher Columbus, at Barcelona, Spain

Scenery on the Utah Line of the Denver and Rio Grande

Photography Applied to Terra-Cotta and Opal Glass

Paper Negatives

Some of the uses of Common Alum

Woolen Fabrics Purified by Hydrochloric Acid Gas

Cloth Stretching Machine

Application of Electricity to the Bleaching of Vegetable Textile Materials

Improved Spring Traction Engine

Iron Frame Gang Mills

The Heat Regenerative System of Firing Gas Retorts

Captain Matthew Webb

A New Gas-Heated Baker's Oven

The Dwellings of the Poor in Paris

Semi-Detached Villas, Bromfield Crescent, Headingley

Recent Experiments Affecting Received Theory of Music

The Motions of Camphor upon the Surface of Water

Analysis of a Sample of New Zealand Coal

On the Different Modifications of Silver Bromide and Silver Chloride

Carbonic Acid in Beer

Determining Manganese in Steel, Cast Iron, Ferro-Manganese, Etc

By E. Raymond

Ozokerite, or Earth-Wax

On the Deposits of Earth Wax (Ozokerite) in Europe and America

By William L. Lay

Manganese and its Uses

The Solar Eclipse of May 6, 1883

By C. S. Hastings

The Moabite Manuscripts

A Buried City of the Exodus

Shipping Ostriches from Cape Town to Australia

A New Weathercock

On the Constitution of the Natural Fats

By J. Alfred Wanklyn and William Fox

The Queen Victoria Century Plant

Charred Clover


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