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Completion of the Caracas Railway

Mr. Eads' Ship Rail Way for the American Isthmus

Improved Floating Breakwater

Train Resistance

Elastic Steel Railway Wheel

Burnichon's Multiple Template

Test Trials with a New Whitworth 20-Ton Gun

Improved Telemeter

Apparatus for Solar Distillation of Fresh Water from Salt Water

By Josiah Harding

Kreutzberger's Rotary Shaping Machine

Compasses for Drawing Ellipses

Colors and Shades Applicable to Leather Dyeing

By Eug. N. Beller

Gluten in Flour

The Manufacture of Cement in Ulster County, N. Y

Cromwell Fleetwood Varley

The Static Telephone

By A. E. Dolbear

History of the Electric Telegraph

Digestion of Cow's Milk

Are the Ruined Monuments of Yucatan Ancient or Modern?

The Early History of the North-American Continent

Address of C. H. Hitchcock of Hanover, N. H., Vice- President of Section E, Aug. 15, 1883, Before The American Association

New Method for the Determination of Nitrogen

By J. Kjeldahl

The Formation of Fat From Fat-Acids


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October 06, 1883