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The U. S. Steamer Albatross

Automatic Freight Car Brake

The Genesis of a Car Wheel

Combined Steam Engine and Fire Pump

Improved Mechanism for Guns and Embrasures

Concrete Mixing Machine

Marcilly's New Copper-Plate Printing Press

Clamond's Improved Gas Burner

New Departures in Photo Enlarging

The “Hammer” Telephone of M. De Lochtlabye

The Electric Tramcar of the French Electrical Storage Company

The Combining Heat of Carbon and Oxygen

The International Electrical Exhibition at Vienna

The Eye as an Aid in Photometry

On the Indurated Shales between Bergen Hill and the Palisades, N. J.

By Nelson H. Darton

The Dutch Flying Zoological Station

The Physiological Station at Paris

A New Luminous Powder

The Strontia Process of Extracting Sugar from Beetroot Molasses

Redier's Revolving Globe

The Shapira Manuscript of Deuteronomy

The Cold Weather Cure

Hard Work in Sport


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October 27, 1883

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