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Application of the Electric Light in Theaters

Bleaching by Electricity

Bridge over the Yazoo River, for the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas Railroad

The Automatic Fire Extinguisher

English Locomotive

Fusible Plugs

The Inclined Plane and Elevating Apparatus at Briançon

The New Pocket Revolver

An Improved Pyrometer

Perpetual Motion

Highfield, Mottingham Park, Kent

Slate Fences


Explosion of War Rockets, Woolwich Arsenal

Rubber Tires for Vehicles

Base Ball Science

Magic Rings

An Optical Illusion

The Earliest Map of London

Physics without Apparatus

History of Navigation

Heath's Bolivian Explorations

By J. D. Parker

Explorations in Guatemala

Mimulus Cupreus Brilliant

The Spread of Epidemic Diseases in Plants

By W. G. Farlow

The Singing Beach of Manchester, Mass

By A. A. Julien and H. C. Bolton

The Foehn of Greenland

A New Fish-Hatching Apparatus

By Von La Valette St. George

Cleaning Water Pipes


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November 10, 1883

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