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Poulsom's Grain Elevator

The New York, West Shore & Buffalo Equipment

Gas Engine Producer

Determination of Carbon in Iron and Steel—New Method

By N. B. Wood

New Type of Distribution without Eccentrics

On Explosions of Vessels Containing Compressed Oxygen, Compressed Air, or Compressed Nitrous Oxide

A New System of Electric Tramways

By M. Holroyd Smith

Electro-Magnetic RailWay Brake

By A. Wilke

Boracic Acid as a Food Preservative

An Electric Objective for Instantaneous Photography

Electrical Cigar Lighter

Magnetic Influence upon Electro-Deposition

Monument in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

Color Harmony

By G. H. Morton

Iron Entrance Gate

The Preparation of Cotton

The New U. S. Court House and Post-Office, Peoria, Ill

Bee-Keeping in India

New Process for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

When to Transplant Trees

The Sun's Distance

The Botany and Geology of the Country Bordering the Rio Grande, in Texas and Chihuahua

By John S. Newberry

Terrible Mining Work

Algol, the Demon Star

Evolution of Conduct

Fishing Gear

Saccharifying Power of the Saliva

The Antiquity of Man

By W. Pengelly

Detection of Arsenic in Tissues, Paper-Hangings, Etc.

By H. Fleck



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