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Lead Pipe making Machinery

Artillery Practice at Fort Hamilton, N. Y.

Notable Locomotive Performances

Wreck of a Bridge by Wind

Removing Paint from Oak Carvings

Alfred Niaudet

Gloucester Cathedral

Brickwall Disfigurement

The Montgolfier Brothers

New Apparatus for the Manufacture of Hydrogen

The Manufacture of Balloons at Paris

Manufacture of Camphor in Japan

By Jones

Wyoming Oil

The Telephone Exchange in London

Filtration of very Minutely Divided Precipitates

By Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Apparatus for Registering Automatically the Strength of Earth Currents

The Artificial Light of the Future

A Horizontal Capillary Electrometer

By M. CH. Claverie

The Transmission of Energy

By Osborne Reynolds

The Tomb of Harvey

External use of Castor Oil

The Six Gateways of Knowledge

Odd Fishes at the Exhibition

Second Annual Report of the U. S. Geological Survey

Gentiana Ornata

Helichrysum Rosmarinifolium

Alaskan Exploration

Fever from Bad Milk

Great Salt Lake

By Marcus E. Jones



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