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The Nordenskjold Greenland Expedition

Earthquake Waves

Where did the Cyclone Find its Water?

The Physiological Station at Paris

Assaying Copper

Large Shark, Colombo Museum.—Largest Tree in the World

Early Bronze Implements

Color of Water

By W. Spring

Improved Current Meters and Mode of taking Sub-Surface Observations

By H. S. Hele Shaw

The Cannon, the Steam Engine, Man, and the Insect considered as Mechanical Motors


The Kirchenfeld Bridge, at Berne, Switzerland

Early History of the Turbine Water Wheel

A New Solar Regulator

The Tonic Sol-Fa Method of Teaching to Sing

By C. F. Kroeh

The Oil Interest of Southern California

Collodio-Chloride Paper

Luther's Statue at Eisleben

Origin of the Telegraph

The Labye Telephone

Piles and Accumulators at the Munich Exhibition of Electricity

Improved Electric Pen

Improved Incandescent Electric Lamp for Miners

Food Analyses.—Flour

Adulteration of Milk

Treatment of Premature Baldness

Keeping the Teeth Clean

By C. E. Francis

Cholera Germs

Grasses for Lawns

The Growth of Plants in Acid Solutions

The Cacao Nut

Pyrus Pinnatifida

Artificial Chicken Raising

Mr. Bonner on Fast Trotters



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    December 08, 1883

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