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The New Eddystone Lighthouse

Manufacture of Large Iron Pipes

Irregular Gear Motion

The Brooklyn Driven Well System

Manholes on Pipe Sewers

First Report on Friction Experiments

By Beauchamp Tower

Siemens' Dynamo

Method for Rapid Demagnetization

By John Trowbridge and Walter N. Hill

A Simple Rain Gauge

Piuri, or “Indian Yellow”

By T. N. Mukharji

Peat as a Gas-Making Material

Bottle Glass

An Easy Method of Intensification for Wet Plate Negatives of Line Engravings

The Repeated Boiling of Hops

By Schneider

The Preparation of Alum

Novel Method of Locally Intensifying and Reducing Gelatine Negatives

By Herr Eckert

An Actinic Method for the Determination of Organic Matter in Potable Water

With the Application of the Method to the Water Supplies of Philadelphia, Newark,. Jersey City, Brooklyn, and New York

By Albert R. Leeds

The Precipitation of Glucose with Lead Acetate

Production of Oxygen Light

On the Pressure of the Vapor of Mercury at the Ordinary Temperature

By McLeod

How Apples and Pears Bear their Fruit

The Peach Wall at Ditton Park

The Evidences of Ancient Glaciation in North America, and their Bearing on the Theory of an Ice Period

By J. S. Newberry

The Swiss Lake Dwellers

The Great Pyramid, and Theories Concerning it

Micro-Parasites of Fishes

Origin of the Cells of the Hive Bee

Rainbow Rings about the Moon

The Care of Horses

Victoria, Hong Kong

The Nature of the Existence of Matter

By E. R. Knowles

A Physiological Phenomenon


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January 12, 1884

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism