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The International Exhibition at Nice

Improved type Machine

The Abraham Four Cylinder Engine

H.M.S. Imperieuse and Some of the Newest types of Ships of the British Navy

Steam Car for Street Tramways

Liebig's Soup for Infants

Manganese Bronze

By P M Parsons

Solar Surroundings

By Richard A Proctor

Ancient Tiles

Old English Furniture

“Come, musicians, play. A hall I a hall ! give room, and foot it, girls. More light, ye knaves, and lurn the tables up.”

Reduction of Metallic Solutions by Means of Gases, etc

By G. Gore

To Detect Flour Made from Sprouted Wheat

Manufacture of Charcoal in Kilns

Professor Nilsson

Rearing Oysters from Artificially Fertilized Eggs, Together with Notes on Pond—Culture, etc

By John A. Ryder

The American agave, or Aloe

Nordenskjold's Greenland Expedition of 1883

Discovery of an Ancient Lens


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    Patents - February 2, 1884

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