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New Railway Stations, Melbourne

“El Gobernador”

The Injector Hydrant for Fire Extinction

By J. H. Greathead

The Corinth Canal

A Steamer for the Congo

Le Stanley

Apparatus for Preventing Obstructions in Retort Pipes

Wind Force

Double-Acting Circular Shears for Cutting Paper and Cardboard

Lericel's Drying Apparatus

Sulphate of Iron Flask for Photographers

Chemical Experiments in the Lantern

Flashes of Lightning Instantaneously Photographed

Sailler's Water and Steam Cock

Suggestions in Architecture

Electrical Conductors

The Observatory of the International Bureau of Weight's and Measures

Edison Incandescent System in Germany

Reynier's Standard Pile for the Measurement of Electromotive Forces

The Electric Incubator

History of the Electric Telegraph

The Magnetic Separator

Simplified Telephone Apparatus

What Shall be Done with the Sewage?

Back Pressure in Drain Pipes

The Eocene Fauna of Southern Patagonia

Face Painting.—The Actor's Art

Statice Suworowii

The Mountain Tobacco

A New Plant

Estimating the Acetic Acid in Wine

Paratoluidlne Sulphate as a Reagent for Nitric Acid

By A. Longi

A New Condenser

Determination of Iodine in a Mixture of Iodides, Bromides, and Chlorides

By A. Cavazzi

The Electro Deposition of Nickel

By H. Fontaine

The Water Caltrops


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    Patents - February 23, 1884

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