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Decisions Relating to Patents

U. S. Circuit Court.--Southern District Of New York. United States S. Gunning el al.

Mr. Barnum's White Elephant

The Origin of Coral Reefs

By Archibald Geikie

Causes of the Glacial Period

By Robert B. Cook

The Fossil Fields of Southern Oregon

By H. Sternberg

The “Bad Lands” of the Little Missouri

New Bridge and Subway, London

The Mersey Tunnel

The Washington Aqueduct Tunnel and its Compressed air Plant

Stone Quarrying at Sydney

Gaseous Fuel

By Lewis T. Wright

The Cabinet of Father Kircher

Application of Turbines to the Dynamo Machines of Electric Railways

A New Incandescent Lighting Apparatus

The Scientific Basis of Cookery

By W. Mattieu Williams

The Effects of a Warm Foot Bath

Observations on Malaria

The Last of the Jeannette Exploring Expedition

Color in the Flower Garden

A New Theory of Dew

By B. F. Nihabt

Aluminum in Nevada

Change of Volume of Metals at Melting


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    Introducing Scientific American Health & Medicine