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On a New Method of Generating Electricity

By J. A. Kendall

The Vienna Exhibition of Electricity of 1888

Atmospheric Electricity

The First Electric Telegraph

Compressed Air Locomotives for Mines

Accumulators for Telegraphic Works

Improved Steam Hammer

Mekarski's Compressed Air Locomotive

Torpedo Boat Guns

The Wilson Solar Evaporator

A $2,000 House

The New House of Parliament in Vienna

A New Residual Product from Coal Gas

On a New Camera Lucida

By Hugo Schroder

Photographing on Wood

By J. Traill Taylor

Lime and its Uses

Pure Hydrosulphuric Acid Gas


The Detection of Carbon Disulphide

Action of Light Upon Colors

By M. Decaux

The Direct Synthesis of Ammonia

Digestibility and Assimilation of Cow's Milk

Testing Bars and Plates of Metal

The Origin of the California Coast Mountains

Poisoning from a Leech Bite

Manufacture of Porous Earthenware by Means of Naphthaline

Standard Time Fighters

A Century of Ballooning

Standard Time

Quince Culture

Sweet Ensilage

Racing on Snow Shoes in Sweden


Remedies for Cabbage Worms

The Cabbage Plutella

(Plutella cruciferarum* Zell. Order Lepidoptera,/ Family Tineid) Past history

The Glowing Sunsets

The Rose Gall-Fly

(Rhodites Rosce.)


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