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Camel Cavalry

Latent Thought

By D. Y. Cliff

Earthquakes and Buildings

Phosphorescent Bricks

A Novel Life Boat

Keeping Boiler Tubes Tight

Improved Combing Machine

New Steamer Ruapehu

The New Marine Dredging Vessel for the Port of Colon

Barbet's Centrifugal Root Cutter

Vincent's Apparatus for the Production of Cold

Mehl's Wool Washing Machine

Improved Cupola

Gas Injector for Blowing Soap Bubbles

The Manufacture of Gas From Limed Coal

By J. Alfred Wanklyn

Kerosene-Origin of the Name


By Charles Ehrmann

Fingarry, Stirlingshire

The Mercuric Developer

By Henry J. Newton

Electric Shadows

Electrical Reading of a Thermometer and Hygrometer at a Distance

By Arthur Wm. Waters

Theodore Du Moncel

Bessolo's Electric Motor and Siemens' Open Ring Electro-Magnetic Motor

Eccles Steeple, Norfolk

Notes on the Volcanic Eruption of Mount St. Augustin, Alaska, Oct. 6, 1883

The Imported Elm-Leaf Beetle

The Visual Area in the Brain


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