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The Electric Railway at Vienna

The French Scientific Station at Cape Horn

Instruction in Mechanical Engineering

By R. H. Thurston

Improved Double Boiler

The Gardner Machine Gun

Climbing Tricycles

Submarine Explorations

Voyage of the Talisman

A Threaded Set Collar

Wretched Boilermaking

Cable Grapnel

Pneumatic Malting

Non-Sparking Key

New Instruments for Measuring Electric Currents and Electro-Motive Force

By R. E. Crompton and Gisbert Kapp

Acetylene from Iodoform

Secondary Batteries

Reducing and Enlarging Plaster Casts

When does an Electric Shock become Fatal?

Stripping the Film form Gelatine Negatives

Robert Cauer's Statue of Lorelei

A People without Consumption, and some Account of their Country—The Cumberland Tableland

By E.M Wight

Treatment of Ores by Electrolysis

By M. Kiliani

New Analogy between Solids, Liquids, and Gases

By W. Spring

Hydrogen Amalgam

The Treatment of Habitual Constipation

Red Sky

The Pyramids of Meroe

The Prolificness of the Oyster

A Theory of Cometary Phenomena

On Comets

A Few of the Best Inulas

Propagating Roses

Fruit Growing

By P. H. Foster

Forms of Ivy

Coarse Food for Pigs

Lake Tahoe

Mete Kingi


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April 19, 1884