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Dubois & Francois's Machine for Compressing Air

On the Forging and Finishing of Marine Crank-Shafts

Improved Crank Pin Machine

An Improved Ash-Hoist for Steamships

The Tower Spherical Engine

Dreyer, Rosenkranz, and Droop's Water Meter

Improved Carbon Filter

The St. Gothard Railroad

Improved Handkerchief Motion for Looms

Crefeld Technical School

Potassium and its uses in the Arts

The Boar Hunter

The Production of Ammonia by the Action of Free Hydrogen on Nitrogenous Compounds

By R. Tervet

Clothing in its Relation to Health


Dr. Gustav Jaeger

Silvanus Thompson's Telephonic Apparatus

Saint-Ange Daville's Voting Machine

Glasgow Botanic Garden

The Larch Worm

Length of Time During Which Aerolites are Visible

The New Bogosloff Volcano in Bering Sea

The Sun Glow

Secular Increase of the Earth's Mass

By Alexander Winchell

Mineral Resources of the United States


By Albert Williams

Submarine Telegraph Communication to Light Ships


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    Patents - May 3, 1884

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